What We Do

RedFishTwo, Inc. is an innovative event production company specializing in DVD Production, Broadcast Video, and Corporate Media. Based in Northeast Ohio, with experience from around the world, our staff can provide the services and equipment to make your event a success.

DVD Production

Our team will create unique DVDs at your event for sale on-site and through our website. Our capabilities can scale with the size and complexity of your event to create a product that will have participants and guests coming back year after year. Our portfolio includes Show Choir, Cheer, Dance, Sports, and other performing arts events.

Broadcast Video

Whether your guests are distributed throughout your event site or throughout the world, we can provide distributed video and Live Web Streaming to take your event where it needs to go. Our broadcast-style video production systems are capable of delivering your event directly to your guests.

Corporate Media

Let us make your corporate meetings and product demonstrations impact your customers and staff like never before. With industry-leading playback systems, we can handle all forms of media and get your presentations directly in front of your audience. All while your presenters enjoy the stress-free environment provided confidence monitors and teleprompters.